Post Campaign Survey

Thank you for taking the time to answer our survey. We would like to know what you think of the service offering Greenshoe Media Group provides. Your responses will help ensure we are meeting your needs and how we can improve on our services. Thank you for your time!

    What do you feel was the best/most helpful part of Greenshoe’s program?

    Where do you feel any/all parts of the program could be improved?

    What are your thoughts on Reporting? Did you review them in entirety? What could be done better here from your standpoint?

    How did you enjoy interviews with Mark Bunting? What could be done to improve this experience?

    How do you feel our pricing model/structure is? How do you feel we could improve it?

    Greenshoe boasts key interest and impact in the clients we represent. Would you be able to provide a personal reference of your experience with Greenshoe Media that we could place within our website?