Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp

May 7, 2019 Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp <br>(CSE: CANN)<br>

Current Status: COMPLETED

The Client

Heritage Cannabis is focused on becoming a vertically integrated cannabis provider that currently has two Health Canada approved licenced producers, through its subsidiaries Voyage Cannabis Corp. and CannaCure Corp. both regulated under the Cannabis Act Regulations. Working under these two licences, Heritage has two additional subsidiaries, Purefarma Solutions, which provides extraction services, and BriteLife Sciences which is focused on cannabis based medical solutions. Heritage as the parent company, is focused on providing the resources for its subsidiaries to advance their products or services to compete both domestically and internationally.

The Deliverables

2 x 30 Second Commercials
Raw video + drone footage
National Television Airtime
Programmatic Video
Programmatic Display
Specialty sponsorship
Audio Interviews

The Results

Stay tuned for result updates as the Heritage marketing program unfolds.