Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

August 1, 2018 Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. <br>(TSX.V: HIVE)</br>

HIVE was ready for a strong marketing push and came to us looking for professional quality content coupled with targeted distribution. Click below for a comprehensive overview of the HIVE campaign.

The Challenge

HIVE is the first publicly listed blockchain infrastructure company that bridges blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional capital markets. HIVE currently owns and operates four data centres that are the building blocks of blockchain infrastructure and has Genesis Mining, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining hashpower provider as it’s exclusive strategic partner and shareholder. The challenge for us was to introduce Hive on a broad scale to a qualified investment audience. The other very large challenge is/was navigating the rules and regulations associated with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency regulations which require a deep understanding for both Television and Digital platforms.

The Approach

We first needed to crate a series of powerful messages that would resonate well with the intended audience. We went to work on story boarding the media aspect of the campaign with the intention to not just introduce HIVE as the leader but to also tell the it’s story over the course of the 12 month campaign. As such 2 unique 30 second commercials were developed from concept each having a distinct purpose within the campaign life cycle.  To complement the video component, we also created a series of dynamic display ads and built a highly targeted audience around them. The media we created is then applied to a 12 month media plan that incorporates television, digital video and programmatic display.

The Deliverables

2 x 30 second commercials
Television Airtime
Programmatic display
Digital Video
Specialty sponsorship

The Results

We are currently entering month 3 of the campaign and to date we have served over 2,000,000 television impressions and registered over 20,000 digital video views. In simpler terms this translates to over 4 million targeted eyeballs on Hive and over 160 hours of video. Despite the turbulent blockchain markets, HIVE continues to preform well as more and more investors are being introduced to this exciting story.