Gratomic Inc

January 15, 2019 Gratomic Inc<br>(TSX.V: GRAT)</br>
As one of only a handful of graphite to graphene public companies, Gratomic Inc. required a large-scale marketing solution to introduce their unique story. For campaign details and results click below.

The Client

Gratomic, is a pace setter in the mining and commercialization of the rarest and highest quality graphite and graphene’s. The company is a leader in conversion of graphite into graphene, emerging as one of the most promising Nano-technologies with high potential industrial applications. Poised to revolutionize elastomer and polymer markets, on a mass scale, tapping into the 222 billion US dollar global tire industry.

The Challenge

Given the immense application potential of graphene combined with the very low number of actual publically traded graphene companies, the challenge for was to educate the investment audience about graphene and its application potential while directly linking Gratomic to graphene production. Gratomic has a very high quality graphite deposit in Aukam, Namibia and is one of only a few publically listed Canadian companies capable of producing very high quality graphene.

The Approach

A 12 month national media and marketing campaign with a specific timeline aimed at delivering the most impactful message across multiple advertising channels. After evaluating both the conventional and digital audience landscape we set out to engineer a campaign that penetrates this audience on a very high level. We will produce two 30 second commercials which will serve as the building block for the 12 month campaign. The national television airtime is booked based on audience evaluation and by applying correct reach, impression and GRP calculations. This ensures a very high market penetration and audience retention. A similar approach is taken on the digital side where each impressions is evaluated and optimized to ensure a very high level of engagement.

The Deliverables

2 x 30 Second Commercials
National Television Airtime
Digital Video Pre-Roll
Programmatic Display
Specialty sponsorship

The Results

Stay tuned for result updates as the Gratomic marketing program begins to unfold.