Beleave Inc

March 31, 2018 Beleave Inc<br>(CSE: BE)</br>

Current Status: PAUSED

The Client

Beleave is an ISO certified, Canadian cannabis company headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area that cultivates high-quality cannabis flower, oil and extracts for medical and recreational markets. Beleave is fully-licenced to cultivate and sell medical and recreational cannabis and is leading the way through research partnerships with universities to develop pharma-grade extracts and derivatives.

Beleave is developing new product lines, including cannabis-infused products, oils, vape pens, and other novel cannabis delivery methods for 2019. Beleave has developed a network of medical cannabis clinics in Ontario and Quebec under the Medi-Green banner. Through its majority ownership of Procannmed S.A.S., Beleave is fully licensed to cultivate, produce, and extract medical cannabis in Colombia positioning it to capitalize on exports and the expanding Latin American market. The Company has partnered with Canymed GmbH to supply the German market with medical cannabis.

The Deliverables

2 x 30 Second Commercials
Television Airtime
Programmatic Display
Digital Video
Specialty sponsorship

The Results

Program currently on hold as per company request. Stay tuned for result updates as the Beleave marketing program begins to unfold.